Sweden unveils the world's first batch of environmentally friendly "green" steel

The Hybrit project, which brings together the efforts of three Swedish companies - SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall - announced another success: the first

supply of steel produced without usingcoal. The first trial batch was purchased by Volvo AB, which will use environmentally friendly steel to build prototypes for new cars. If the experiment is successful, full-scale mass production of sustainable steel will begin in 2026.

Traditional steel industry, inwhich uses coke, emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year, which account for 8% of global emissions. But the Hybrit project recently started producing sustainable steel that does not use coking coal and has no harmful emissions. They were replaced by hydrogen and electricity, obtained exclusively from renewable sources - that is, the so-called "green hydrogen" is used.

Green hydrogen, in turn, is a key element in the EU's plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

“The world's first environmentally friendly steel is notonly a breakthrough for SSAB, but also proof of the steel industry's ability to transition and significantly reduce its global carbon footprint. We hope this step will inspire everyone who wants to move to cleaner production faster, ”says Martin Lindqvist, President of SSAB.

Source: theguardian, hybritdevelopment

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