Tactical drone Air Wolf launched a kamikaze drone right in flight

The Air Wolf tactical jet drone of the American company Kratos launched a loitering

ammunition Switchblade. This combination will significantly increase the range of the "kamikaze drone" and it will be able to penetrate deeper into enemy territory.

Tests have shown new possibilities foroperational use of Airwolf. In the past, the company has provided very little information about this drone, the smallest of its publicly disclosed tactical designs.

During testing, the Switchblade was underoperator control. He provided feedback via a data link to the Air Wolf. The technical characteristics of the drone have not yet been disclosed. However, it is known that the combination with Switchblade can significantly increase the range of loitering ammunition - much more than the standard 10 kilometers.

Steve Fendley, President, Unmanned Systems DivisionKratos, confirmed to The War Zone that the Switchblade test took place "months ago" on the sidelines of the Air Force Association's annual air, space and cyberspace conference. He also provided other details about the Airwolf, which was also called the Tactical Firejet in the past. So, it is known that now the company is "working under a contract" for the supply of Airwolfs for "different clients" - which ones are not disclosed.

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