Taiwan to buy NASAMS air defense systems to defend against China

The Taiwanese authorities decided to strengthen the country's air defense system in the event of a possible military

conflict with China.

What is known

Taiwan has decided to purchase "more than four"US-Norwegian-made NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems. The United States has already given tentative approval, but funds for the acquisition will only be included in the 2024 budget.

Representatives of the Taiwanese Armed Forces at the endThis summer, they went to the USA to the Raytheon plant to assess the possibility of acquiring NASAMS. However, the American company says that the production capacity is now overloaded. In this regard, Taiwan will be able to order anti-aircraft missile systems only in 2024, after completing the order for Ukraine.

In theory, demand from Taiwan may in the futurebecome a problem for Ukraine. By the end of the year, our country will receive two NASAMS batteries (up to 16 launchers) out of a total order for eight batteries. However, in the future, if Ukraine gets the opportunity to expand the order, then it will have to stand in line and wait for the completion of NASAMS production for Taiwan.

Image: Polish Radio