Taiwan will give Ukraine unusual military drones Revolver 860, which can simultaneously carry eight 60-mm mines

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon receive new Revolver 860 unmanned aerial vehicles. Taiwan will transfer

unusual drones in transit through Poland.

What is known

Revolver 860 is the company's military droneDroneVision, designed to bombard enemy ground forces. The drone can simultaneously carry eight 80-mm mines at once. Upon request, the manufacturer can equip the UAV with a system for dropping shells of other calibers (120 mm and 81 mm).

Revolver 860 weighs 42 kg including eight 60mmmin. The maximum flight time is from 25 to 40 minutes, and the radius is 20 km. The drone is equipped with eight screws, arranged in pairs on four beams that extend from the central platform.

Source: @oryxspioenkop

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