Take-Two set detectives on a blogger who leaked information about Borderlands 3

Take-Two Interactive spied a Borderlands fan who was leaking information about the third part of the series.


Blogger Matt Somers with the nickname SupMatto leakedinformation about Borderlands 3 before official announcements. According to Kotaku, he foresaw new characters, a "rainbow" weapon rarity system, and even an expansion for Borderlands 2 that plugged plot holes. Take-Two did not like this activity, and the company launched an investigation.

In a comment to IGN, a Take-Two representativesaid Somers had been under investigation for 10 months. The company did not like that the blogger profited from leaks and violated copyright by publishing confidential information. According to IGN, Somers encouraged viewers who supported him financially. So, if a person paid five dollars for a YouTube subscription, he was given access to a private Discord server, where the blogger posted more leaks about Borderlands 3.

Somers himself claims that he obtained informationfrom public sources. For example, when 2K Games revealed the Borderlands 3 expansion for Twitch, the community found the name of a real account in the announcement. Then fans found connections with other accounts and discovered unpublished gameplay excerpts from Borderlands 3. There, fans also found details about the characters' skills.

The blogger found out about the investigation when they came to himtwo detectives. According to Somers, detectives stopped by his home on July 25 and asked various questions. Then the guy told the “guests” about his YouTube channel and methods of obtaining information.

After the visit, Somers was blocked from Discordfor “selling, promoting, or distributing cheats.” In turn, the blogger assures that he did not do anything similar. In addition, Take-Two gave the guy seven strikes on his YouTube channel, but then withdrew most of them, leaving only one.

According to IGN, Take-Two is not going tosue Somers, but will continue to fight people who reveal the company's trade secrets, including about Borderlands 3. In turn, the blogger took a break to understand whether he wants to continue his activities on YouTube and Discord.