Tank for one franc: neutral Switzerland came up with a cunning plan to supply hundreds of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

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Switzerland is a neutral state that has not intervened in conflicts between other countries for several hundred years.

States, does not provide them with military assistance and does not enter into military alliances.

In the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, Switzerland, in accordance with its principles,
did not provide any military support to Ukraine, limited to humanitarian aid.

Perhaps the situation will change radically in the near future.

What is known

The Bloomberg material reports that Switzerland can support Ukraine by implementing the original tank transfer plan.

It is known that in the Alpine bunkers are located onconservation of 96 Leopard 2-A4 tanks. Maja Riniker, a member of the Swiss parliament, offered to sell these tanks for a symbolic sum of 1 franc, for example, to the Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia. And they, in turn, will hand over their own tanks to Ukraine, and keep the Swiss ones for themselves.

The idea is both simple and complex at the same time. But in this way, Switzerland will not violate the principles of neutrality, and Ukraine will receive much-needed equipment.

At the moment, the Parliament has not supported this initiative, but it may be considered again in the near future.