The Sigma tank is already available in Overwatch, and Blizzard has revealed the hero's abilities

Just yesterday Blizzard showed gamers Sigma, a new hero for Overwatch, and now they have released the guy for testing

server and told gamers about his abilities.

What have learned

The main attack of the hero called "Hyperspheres"releases two gravity charges that explode and cause damage in an area. By activating the “Experimental Barrier”, Sigma installs a shield floating in the air and can remove it at any time.

With the help of Kinetic Grab, the hero canstop incoming projectiles by turning them into shields. Using the Accretion ability, the fighter releases debris at the enemy, knocking him down. Sigma's "ultimate" is "Gravity Well", which, when activated, the character lifts nearby enemies into the air and brings them down to the ground.

Who is Sigma?

Let's remember that Sigma is a scientist whoexperiment gained the power of gravity, but damaged his sanity. As a result, the researcher became a weapon of the Claw group, and in Overwatch the hero got the role of a tank.