TCL Announces World's First 75-inch 8K 265Hz TV Display

Last year, the Chinese company TCL unveiled its first generation of 8K 1G1D TV technology.

Now the second generation has been developed - improved and modified.

What it is?

The new development of TCL is the display forTVs that have a diagonal of 75 inches, a resolution of 8K and a refresh rate of 265 Hz. In comparison, typical 8K TVs offer 120Hz refresh rate, so the 265Hz refresh rate was a huge jump. In fact, this is the highest in the industry.

The report says the next generation 8K 1G1D technology uses high-performance H-HVA technology, 4Mask technology, and is equipped with the unique HCC charge compensation technology.

Along with this, TCL announced the world's first85-inch high-end 8K 120Hz LCD based on IGZO technology. It has a contrast ratio of over 5000: 1 and its power consumption is 30% lower than comparable products with the same specifications.

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