TCL Foldable Smartphone Surpasses Galaxy Fold

Several manufacturers have already presented their versions of phones with folding screens. And the most talked about

until today there was a Galaxy Fold from the companySamsung However, another no less interesting instance from this series appeared on the market. I would even say that he is very cocky. This is a foldable phone from TCL with a 10-inch screen.

TCL's new foldable phone seems a lot to usmore interesting than the Galaxy Fold or Mate X from Huawei. That's because he has a double hinge, which provides the ability to fold a smartphone in three parts and open it, turning it into a tablet.

The most interesting thing about a TCL phone is thatthe loops themselves move in different directions. The hinge allows you to fold like a book, or like a Galaxy Fold, or in the opposite direction, or like an accordion. If you fold it completely into a three-layer device, the open panel becomes the "external" screen of the TCL phone.

As with other foldable phones,folding process is intuitive. Folding phones are the next mainstream in the design of phones. In expanded form, large screens provide comfortable reading, viewing videos, games and multitasking. When folded, you can use them on the go. Despite real concerns about screen damage, device makers are pushing to push their own new designs to catch the eye of consumers. The TCL foldable phone prototype is just that.

TCL prototype has no name, price or targetwindows for production. All this will be a little later. At the moment, it is known that the diagonal of the screen in a fully expanded state reaches 1-inch. There are four cameras at the back, there is also a front camera, a USB-C charger port, no headphone jack.

Microsoft also has its own version of Surface ProDuo, which is scheduled for release in 2020. The Chinese brand Xiaomi is also preparing its version. Note that at the moment there is also no consensus on what the “best” design of a foldable telephone is and what it should be.