TCL Palm Phone: review of the compact smartphone from the famous brand

In recent years, we have been swept by a real gigantomania, today to meet a normal smartphone with a diagonal

5 inches or, God forbid, less - it's likefind an ancient artifact. People seemed to have forgotten that the first generation IPhone had a screen diagonal of only 3.5 inches, and many thought it was too much. Now, it doesn’t seem like that to anyone, but still there are users who don’t want to carry huge shovels, but they still need a smartphone, not a push-button telephone. And here comes another revivalist - Palm. TCL, which owns the brand, brought a compact Palm Phone to the Russian Federation. For all its miniature size, it is a full-fledged smartphone on Android. What can he offer users?

How does it look

If you evaluate the novelty regardless of size,then this is quite a smartphone in the classics, just not weak so reduced. If you have a lighter, then the smartphone will not be too large, or approximately with a credit card. In any case, in the wallet, he just fits. The body is completely covered with third-generation Gorilla Glass, and to the touch, by weight it is not perceived as a cheap plastic toy, the frame of the device is aluminum. In general, with a device width of five centimeters and a weight of about 60 grams, getting used to in 2019 will not be easy. But on the other hand, you can easily pronounce the whole charge on the phone, your hand will not get tired of holding it. It's just that managing it is just as difficult. Like shovels, well, at first. If on phablets the fingers do not reach the desired icons, then here the finger needs to be vice versa - bend. And out of habit, the finger simply gets tired after about five minutes.

There was no place on the small building forvolume buttons, there is no fingerprint pad, the volume is adjusted under the curtain, and security is given to Face Unlock technology, but there is no IR sensor either, and you will have to drive in the password at night. What is noteworthy, the device is waterproof according to IP68, that is, you can even take a shower and swim with it, it holds a meter under water for half an hour. In general, sports, jogging in the rain, beaches, all this is not fearful to him.


Palm Phone. Although it’s a miniature, but full-fledged modern smartphone, and the screen got the appropriate one, it is a high-quality IPS matrix with a resolution of 1280x720 - incredible for a 3.3 ”diagonal. Hence the pixel density as the flagships - 445 ppi. The picture is saturated, the viewing angles are maximum, the margin of brightness is large. At the same time, all applications for everyday tasks work fine, although it is sometimes difficult to get into the icon and some interface elements in applications.

Yes, typing quickly will not work either, butYou can always use voice messages. That is, with this smartphone you will always be in touch: check mail, receive and send a message in instant messengers, even without problems make a payment or make a transfer in a bank application. Navigation also works great.


Compactness makes compromises, andhere it is a battery that has received a capacity of 800 mAh. And despite the small display, this will not be enough. He plays the video for three hours, and if you correspond in chat rooms and social networks, then about 50 percent of the charge eats up in an hour. But the standby mode is quite acceptable, if you wear a smartphone as a fallback in your purse, looking at notifications from time to time, then it will last two days. Of course, you can optimize it, turn off the Internet when not in use, reduce the brightness, it will work longer.


Here, as on an adult smartphone, there is a camera,and its quality will be better than that of many budget models of large smartphones. The 12 megapixel sensor makes pretty decent shots, a great option when there is no main smartphone at hand. The front camera received an 8 megapixel sensor, which is also pretty decent.

Advantages and disadvantages

What is good about Palm Phone: the baby’s performance is just killer, the Snapdragon 435 is working here, and it helps the processor 3 gigabytes of RAM. Any applications just fly, including games. The drive is 32 gigabytes, which is enough even for a bunch of photos, music. Water resistance, this is very good, you can safely take it on vacation instead of bulky phablets. And in training, he will behave much better.

Of the minuses, a weak battery, but it is,it will be useful to someone to live a real life more often, rather than sticking their noses all day in the display. It is believed that it will be lost often, but we don’t lose keys, a lighter or other small accessories, so minus is not counted. That’s what NFC didn’t deliver, that’s a big minus. Nevertheless, the device is worth it to make it a second phone.

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