Teaser shown at EVO suggests Tekken 8 may not be that far away

An incredibly short teaser shown during EVO 2022 hinted at a new Tekken game. During the championship

fighting games in the video showed the infamousKazuya's ending in the original Tekken, in which he takes revenge on his father Heihachi by throwing him off a cliff. Instead of ending when the camera zooms in on his smile, a static blur appears and his face is replaced by an older version of Kazuya with scars and red eyes that he got in Tekken 4.

Video less than 30 seconds is wronga lot, but rumors of both a remake of the original Tekken and a new sequel have been circulating for a while. Given that the teaser shows an older version of Kazuya, it's fair to assume that Bandai Namco isn't hinting at a remake.

Tekken 8 appeared in last year's Nvidia leak, inwhich the web developer found a database of games in the Nvidia GeForce Now client, including some that have yet to be announced. Looks like we have one more to add to the list of confirmed games from this leak, along with GTA: The Trilogy, PC ports of God of War and Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Street Fighter 6 and all the rest.