Tele2 was the first Russian operator to launch eSIM. But only if you have a physical SIM card.

e-SIM - virtual SIM-cards whose owner can change the operator without visiting the communication salon: for this

you only need to sign a new contract and provide your passport information. The main convenience of using such cards is a smart watch, which, in the presence of an e-SIM, becomes an independent gadget.

Now e-SIM supports smart watches from Apple, Samsung and Huawei, as well as Apple tablets and Microsoft Surface and some iPhones.

Sign an agreement for e-SIM Tele2 subscribers whilecan only 8 salons located in Moscow. According to Tele2 subscriber equipment director Vladimir Pavlov, by the autumn the number of such stores will increase to 83 throughout Russia.

“Having a physical card is a requirement of regulators. We consulted with the relevant structures, and they did not have objections on the proposed model. ”

Vladimir Pavlov

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Communications is developingThe eSim technology that is required for the introduction of electronic SIM cards in Russia is legislation. This will allow residents of Russia to remotely connect communication services from certain operators.