Telecom operators have proposed to conduct exercises to test the law on the isolation of the Runet

As part of the concept of isolating Runet, the bill proposes the extension of the powers of Roskomnadzor

use only traffic exchange points fromregistrar, use only software and hardware certified by Roskomnadzor, require operators to report to the Office information about their network addresses, telecommunication message routes, software and hardware used to resolve domain names, and communication network infrastructure.

With the proposal to test the threats in practice,referred to in the document, suggested the participants of the working group "Information Security". Operators do not yet understand how the bill will work in reality.

Market participants need to organize exercises or something similar in order to understand how this can all be implemented in practice.

Natalya Kasperskaya, InfoWatch

Earlier, the Ministry of Communications approved a bill to isolate the Runet to "ensure the safety of Russian users."