Telegram found a channel with leaks of data from Russian security officials

After the protests on January 23, an open channel appeared on Telegram with the personal data of police officers and

Russian guardsmen who participated in the arrests. Channel owners use photo face recognition software and web-leaked databases.

Writes about this "Kommersant".The publication reports that about 9 thousand people are now subscribed to the channel. It publishes the names of security officials, photos, phone numbers, links to pages on social networks and even information about their relatives. Anyone can upload data to the feed anonymously.

Kommersant recalls that earlier in the State Dumaintroduced a bill according to which the data of the security officials can be hidden. Experts believe that the publication of personal data of citizens, regardless of their profession, is unacceptable and illegal.

A source in the law enforcement agencies clarified that it is extremely difficult to find the owners of the Telegram channel. According to him, there are difficulties when interacting with the messenger.