Telegram launched beta testing of its blockchain TON

Developers were able to install the TON blockchain network on their servers. At the same time, specific

There are no test results yet. However, one of the participants said that transactions go through very quickly, but so far smart contacts are not working at full capacity.

According to the TON documents, it is planned thatTelegram smart contacts will process payments much faster than Bitcoin with its seven payments per second and Ethereum with 15 operations per second. In the future, TON will be able to compete on the speed of payments with Visa and Mastercard - for this, a cryptocell will be built into Telegram.

For the first time about testing TON became known in April 2019. Then the developers talked about the beginning of testing TON for data storage.

One of the first stages of the introduction of the new platform has already been completed - in July 2018, Telegram launched a service for storing passport data and other Telegram Passport documents.

Using the service, users will be able to passauthorization on various sites, while not uploading data about their documents to unsafe cloud services. In the future, Telegram Passport will transfer all data to a decentralized cloud. Their owners will be able to use cryptocurrency Gram.