Telegram Premium officially launched, but only on iOS for now

Telegram has released another update, which finally introduces the very paid Telegram Premium subscription, about which

there's been so much talk lately.Recall that this is an additional service that allows users to double the limits set inside the messenger (regarding the number of subscriptions, public folders, the size of transferred files, and so on), and also adds the function of converting voice messages to text. With this release, the company underlined its success in terms of the popularity of its product: the top 5 in terms of the number of downloads in the world, 700 million monthly active users. Moreover, a special source of pride was the fact that all this was achieved without commercial advertising, only on the recommendations of users. All Premium details are listed here.

There is something to please those who will not buysubscription. With the new update, it will be possible to install applications for entering public groups (a new way to filter incoming users), verified account icons (by the way, our Telegram channel already has one), visual improvements to bots (you can install a picture on the “what can this bot know?”), convenient chat preview and photo and video upload to Gallery for Android, direct upload of large files from third-party apps to iOS, over 100 various improvements and fixes for all platforms. At first, the update (and hence Telegram Premium) is received by iOS users, where the subscription price was 449 rubles. Other platforms will be updated soon. Rumor has it that on Android the price will be lower, and a special bot is being created where you can buy a subscription bypassing the App Store. But that's a completely different story.

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