Telltale Games is resurrected with new leadership and without The Walking Dead

September 2018 was marked by the closure of Telltale Games, which suddenly abandoned its projects, fired employees

and officially rested. Now the studio has sponsors who decided to resurrect the "storytellers".

What is known

According to Polygon, Telltale Games is backveterans from LCG Entertainment have taken over the gaming industry. The new studio managers will be the head of the Galaxy Pest Control, Jamie Ottilai and Brian Waddle, who worked as a sales and marketing specialist at Havok. The old team will also return to their native walls, but not completely and only as freelancers.

Partners who have invested in the revivalstudio, became the publisher of Athlon Games, co-founder of Rebellion Chris Kingsley, founder of Heavy Iron Studios Lyle Hall, as well as member of the Board of Directors of Starbreeze Tobias Sjogren.

It turns out that the new Telltale Games is differenta company with new management and plans, but with the same name. It is not yet known what the new managers will be doing, but they still retain some of the rights to The Wolf Among Us and Batman, as well as complete power over the Puzzle Agent. Recall that before the close Telltale Games planned to release The Wolf Among Us 2, so fans had hope.

At the same time, the rights to The Walking Dead passed toSkybound, who has finished the last season and is making new plans for the franchise. The development of games on "Very Strange Things" has already been turned off, and the rights returned to Netflix. Telltale Games had a demo before closing, so new owners can renew the contract and continue development.

The new Telltale will be home to Malibu, and the firstFor half a year the studio will be engaged in tools, technologies and design. Responsibility for the rest of the development, such as animation and motion capture, will be transferred to contractors.