Telltale resurrected The Wolf Among Us 2: an adult fairy tale returns to the console and PC

Telltale Games planned to release The Wolf Among Us 2 in the second half of 2018. Still due to financial problems

and the subsequent closure of the studio, the game, along with other projects, had to be canceled. At the same time, news of the death of the sequel was exaggerated.

What is known

At the last The Game Awards 2019 resurrectedTelltale Games made a kind of “re-announcement” of The Wolf Among Us 2. In the trailer, Snow White again came to Bigby to help with the new business and again became a monster. Details about the plot, as in the first announcement, did not sound.

It’s worth noting that the game is published by Telltale Games,which only pretends to be an old acquaintance. The studio is now run by Galaxy Pest Control head Jamie Ottilay and Brian Waddle, who worked as a sales and marketing specialist for Havok. The new leaders returned part of the team to their native walls, but the rest of the developers will return only as freelancers.

Nevertheless, the development of The Wolf Among Us 2 tookAdHoc Studio, where some former employees of the original Telltale gathered, including the screenwriter of the first part. There will be a game on consoles, as well as PC in the Epic Games Store. The release date, the developers have not yet decided.

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