Ten new games will be announced at The Game Awards 2019, and a remake of Resident Evil 3 will be shown later

The Game Awards will take place next week, but in addition to awarding the best games of 2019, players can expect 10 announcements

new projects.

What is known

Geoff Kiely, journalist and TGA producer, dropped byReddit, where he answered user questions. Gamers did not ignore the awards ceremony, but decided not to ask who would get the main statuettes, but rather asked how many announcements would be made from the stage.

"We have a lot of brand new games,which will be announced at the show. I think there will be about 10 new games/projects introduced if you want to count what no one has heard of yet. As always, there's a lot of really bad information on the internet about what's going to be on the show... but it's certainly fun to read," says Kaylee.

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With the last line, Kayley hinted that not everyonethe rumors are true. For example, the Resident Evil 3 remake will not be shown on stage at The Game Awards. First, the development of the project was confirmed by three sources, and then the game covers were found on the PlayStation Store network. Still, Capcom decided not to break the silence and hold back the announcement.

"There are no plans (ever) to dosomething with Resident Evil 3 on display. Many of these leaks are completely wrong. As of this writing, nothing has leaked,” says Kaylee.

It's possible that Crash Bandicoot World'sThe Internet spoke two weeks ago, also will not appear on the TGA stage. At the same time, the ceremony will show a game by WolfEye Studios, consisting of people from Arkane (Dishonored). The developers are preparing to announce their new game at TGA and have even published the first art.

Let us remind you that The Game Awards 2019 will be held on the 13thDecember at 03:30 Kyiv time. You can watch the awards ceremony live in Los Angeles, sitting in a Microsoft Theater chair, or free online via YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Mixer and 42 other platforms. The Game Awards 2019 will even select individual content creators to officially broadcast the event.

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