TENAA revealed the appearance and features of the smartphone Redmi 7

Chinese certification agency TENAA has published photos and features of a yet-to-be-unveiled

Redmi 7 smartphone.


The device in the pictures is shown in gradientcoloring. The smartphone looks very similar to its older brother Redmi Note 7. It will also have a widescreen display with a drop-shaped cut-out, a vertically positioned dual main camera and a fingerprint scanner on the back side.


TENAA documents say that the new product will receive6.26-inch screen with IPS matrix, resolution 1520×720 pixels and aspect ratio 19:9. A chip with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz will be responsible for performance. Most likely, this is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 series processor.

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Redmi 7 will also receive Android Pie OS, battery3900 mAh, 12 MP main camera and 8 MP front camera. The new product will be released in three memory configurations and in eight colors: Black, Red, Blue, Pink, White, Green, Purple and Gray.

Price and when to wait

The presentation of the smartphone will take place this month, but there is no exact announcement date yet. The price tag of the device should not exceed $150.