Warframe News from TennoCon 2022: Duviri's Paradox Releases in Winter, Another Update, and Crossplay Testing

There were also third-party services at the TennoCon festival, but, of course, the heroes of the occasion paid the most attention -

Warframe. Studio Digital Extremes has collected the main points of the show in one article, and we have chosen the main ones.

Duviri's Paradox Update

The events of the Duviri Paradox update take place before the New War. The protagonist is a criminal named the Drifter, who needs to escape from the endless cycle of death and birth of Duviri.

“Exploring the color-changing landscapes of Duviri undercontrolling Dominus Thrax, you'll fight Dax guards, complete quests, solve puzzles, and be rewarded with Edicts, upgrades that boost your Drifter's abilities for the duration of the day cycle. With the help of Teshin and enough edicts, the help of fellow Teno and your trusty flying kite, you can challenge the formidable Orovirm.”

The Duviri Paradox will start this coming winter.

Curtain Breaker Update

In Curtain Breaker, you play as Kahl-175, a Grineer soldier fighting for his freedom and the freedom of his brothers.

Having survived the devastation of Cetus by Erra and lifted the Narmer Curtain, he faces the Archons - now he must defeat them and raise the curtain once and for all.

The update will appear soon.

Cross-play, cross-save and mobile version

For the past year, Digital Extremes has been conducting internal testing of the cross-platform game. It will reach public testing in 2022.

In preparation for implementationFor cross-play/cross-save and the release of Warframe on mobile devices, developers will synchronize game subsystems, starting with the merchant from the Void, Baro Ki'teer. Inventory will be aligned across all platforms on July 29th.

When all this will be published is not specified.

Collaboration with Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira is a comic book artist who had a hand in Uncanny X-Men and Darksiders. He is working with Digital Extremes on a wolf-inspired warframe.

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50th warframe

Digital Extremes has unveiled a teaser for an upcoming animated featurette about Stinax, the 50th Warframe. Its description says:

“Inspired by the warriors of Earth's distant past,armed with spears and shields, Stinax is associated with the heroes of ancient mythology. You can expect that Stinax, always brave before the enemy, will never shirk a fight.”