The Terminator has invaded Ghost Recon Breakpoint: save the guest from the future and destroy the T-800

Ubisoft has made friends with Studiocanal by launching an event based on the film in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

"Terminator" 1984.

What is known

Players will not see the digitized Schwarzeneggerbut they will be able to fight with terminators and even influence the fate of people of the future. As part of the update, Ubisoft has prepared two operations: rescuing Race Aldwin, who arrived from the future, and destroying the Terminator.

New operations will appear in the game on January 29 and 1February respectively and will be available even after the event ends. In addition, everyone will be able to fight with the formidable cyborgs of the T-800 model in daily battles and interception missions.

Players who will complete tasks during the eventfrom January 29 to February 6, will receive exclusive Terminator-themed items. As a reward, you can count on a costume from the film, exclusive new weapons and vehicles. Terminator-themed items are also available in Maria's shop, and 12 of them can be purchased with Skell Credits.

Ubisoft also promises to release a number of updates,"designed to improve various aspects of the game." Over the next months, the game will receive additional updates in accordance with the strategy discussed in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint: What's Next.

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