Tesla cars will be able to block attempts to circumvent the requirements to keep your hands on the wheel

Tesla requires owners of electric vehicles with Full Self-Driving to keep their hands on the steering wheel while operating

driver assistance technologies. Naturally, many bypass this requirement, but the manufacturer is struggling with this.

What is known

Particularly resourceful owners put on the steering wheeloranges or water bottles. Some companies even sold special weights. For example, Autopilot Buddy, as in one of the photos below. The cost of such an accessory is $200, but it has been banned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA).

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In Full Self-Driving software underv10.69.3.1, a new feature has been discovered, due to which the Tesla car understands that the driver does not keep his hands on the wheel, but uses some kind of trick like the previously mentioned Autopilot Buddy. In this case, the system will be able to automatically turn off Full Self-Driving until the end of the trip.

How exactly will this technology work?what is unknown. But it is known that the Full Self-Driving driver assistance system, which is currently in beta testing, is already available for purchase by everyone in North America for $15,000.