Tesla rival: Porsche electric sports car will get two 750 hp engines

Four years ago the Taycan was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and since then Porsche has been steadily supplying us with photos and

The Turbo S version of this four-door sports sedan will receive 750 horsepower, which will provideTwo electric motors: front and rear.

How much is shaking?

The car accelerates to 100 kilometers in about2.5 seconds, so you can safely put it next to the Tesla Model S P100D. It is also the first Porsche in the electric car line to be replenished later with the Taycan Cross Turismo SUV.

What is wrong with the battery?

Many are interested in the battery of this electric car - inThe German automaker says it’s worth waiting for about 400 kilometers of autonomous running. However, accurate data are not yet available; We are waiting for the completion of official tests. Moreover, the Taycan can be charged in 30 minutes with a sufficiently powerful power station. And in five minutes you can "add" yourself another hundred kilometers.