Tesla introduced a special mode for dogs left in electric cars. For them, the air conditioner will turn on and play your favorite music!

A special mode for dogs automatically turns on the comfort for pets left in the cabin - this is

will allow them not to overheat in the car. At the same time, the phrase “My master will be back soon” is displayed on the Tesla main screen so that people around you do not worry about the dog left behind.

Now in Tesla cars that are parked with the animal inside, the air conditioner will constantly work. In addition, the cabin will play music.

For the first time in the security industry, we introduce protectionfrom overheating the cabin, focused on the safety of children and pets. This feature will allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin for hours, even when the car is not wound up. This feature will be available thanks to the unique, large Tesla batteries.


In the summer months the situation when animalsoverheated inside the cabin of the car, too common, emphasize the US Veterinary Association. They do not provide full statistics for the summer months, but in two weeks the animal welfare organization receives about 625 calls about animals that are in the heat and may be in danger.