Tesla lost technical director JB Strobel. Ilon Musk has already found a replacement

The American manufacturer of electric cars Tesla lost technical director.

What is known

At the last meeting, JB Strobel announcedthat leaves his post. A man came to the company in 2005 and during that time managed to work on batteries for electric vehicles, launched the Supercharger network, and also helped with the Tesla Energy business. At the meeting, Strobel did not say why he leaves Tesla, but clarified that the reason is not the loss of faith in the company or team.

Ilon Mask also came to the meeting, who announced that the former vice president of technology, Drew Baglino, would take Strobel’s post.

Also recall that last week the companylost to Steve McManus, Tesla car interior designer. Engineer lured away Apple, which, according to rumors, is working on their own cars with autopilot.