Tesla Model S Plaid hacked by hackers to set speed record

The officially declared top speed for the Tesla Model S Plaid is 321 km/h. Engineers from Ingenext filmed

software speed limit of an electric vehicle and tested its capabilities on an open straight road.

Engineers used the runwayTrois Rivières airport in Quebec to conduct their experiment. Its length is about 3 km. During the tests, the electric vehicle needed to drive almost 2 km to accelerate to a maximum speed of 348 km/h. The rest of the strip was barely enough to stop, despite the use of an improved braking system.

The testers note that for their experimentthey used a model that almost completely corresponds to the factory configuration. Only three changes were made to it: the speed limit was removed, better brakes were installed and more stable tires were installed.

These changes were made primarily fromsecurity considerations. When reaching such high speeds, a conventional car could burn out the tires and it would not have time to stop before the end of the runway.

Ingenext reportedly specializes in the development and sale of auto parts and devices for removing software-blocked functions of Tesla vehicles.

Cover image: Tesla Model S

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