Tesla rival: Porsche Taycan will have 4 screens

The all-electric car from the German automaker focuses on convenience, safety and

driving pleasure.

The Porsche Taycan will still have three mainwidget, the location of which the client chooses, but the type and location of the data on the home screen have changed and optimized. This should provide continuous monitoring of the driver's road, without distraction for operations in the menu.

To get rid of the inconvenience of variousfunctions, the company made a single menu and layout for all options. Moreover, the home screen, machine settings and notifications will always be just a click away.

Optimization also affected the display on the dashboard. Porsche replaced the glass panel with a tactile touchscreen. With its help, climate control is controlled. It can also be used to navigate the main screen or as a graphic tablet.

Some functions (suspension, steeringclearance) are now on the dashboard. And although it remains similar to 911, in Taycan it is completely digital. The new 16.8-inch screen is now undergoing comprehensive configuration - you can delete everything except the speedometer, or switch to navigator mode.

While the three screens seem antithetical to the less-more aesthetic, there is also a fourth screen for the passenger whose functions we'll have to learn about.

Finally, to help control all of these features, make driving safer, and keep the driver's eyes on the road, the automaker will add voice control.
The production version of the Porsche Taycan is scheduled to be presented in September.