Tesla scans for potholes and adjusts suspension for them

Tesla has released the 2020.20 software update for branded electric vehicles. It

features Tesla adaptive suspension systemAdaptive Suspension. Now Tesla cars scan all uneven sections of the road - pits, potholes, bumps. The data helps the system decide whether to raise the suspension or not. Thus, the update protects the vehicle.

Tesla Adaptive Suspensionwill now adjust the ride height for the upcoming stretch of rough road. This adjustment can take place in different locations, depending on availability, as the vehicle downloads the approximate roadmap data generated by Tesla vehicles.

Tesla update release note

Back in 2020, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla's Autopilot will eventually detect potholes and create mini-maps to remember and avoid them.

As noted by Electrek, at the moment this is just a suspension adaptation, but Tesla at least confirms that the electric vehicle system is scanning the road.

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