Tesla's autopilot evaded a flying wheel during a horrendous crash in the US

The TeslaCam integrated DVR system was able to capture the monstrous traffic

accident on one of the roads in the United States. To do this, it uses the cameras of the driver assistance system.

What is known

The Tesla driver followed the KIA car,who ran into a pickup truck that had fallen off a pickup truck that was driving in the next lane. The vehicle soared into the air for several meters, and the wheel continued to move towards the Tesla electric car.

If you carefully watch the video from TeslaCam, thenyou can see that the Tesla car veered to the right to avoid contact with the wheel. According to the driver, at that time he was not responsible for driving the electric car, but the automatic piloting system.

Tesla cars have features foravoid or reduce the consequences of collisions. For example, Automatic Emergency Braking. However, there were doubts that the system was capable of avoiding small objects. As you can see, it is still capable, if the driver is telling the truth, and his electric car was really controlled by an autopilot.

The KIA driver was not injured.