Test for the most stylish: in the Devil May Cry 5 added the regime "Blood Palace"

Capcom gave fans a reason to return to Devil May Cry 5, releasing a free add-on for the game.

What is known

"Blood Palace" - the mode in which playersthey fight hordes of monsters, taking control of Nero, Dante or V. Before the release, there were rumors that the regime would get a cooperative, but the buttons for playing together did not appear.

During the passage of the "Blood Palace" to playersThere will be monsters from the DMC5 story campaign, including bosses. To go further than the others, you will have to not only survive, but also become an icon of style. So, for the combo, speed and successful dodging, the player receives points of ranks, which add seconds to the timer.

"Blood Palace" is already available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.