Test for the speed of iOS 10.2 vs iOS 10.1.1 or which system is faster?

As a single system update, iOS 10.2 comes with a number of new features and changes. Traditionally,

after the release of the new version of iOS, there follows a series of tests on the performance of the new version with the old, especially on older devices.

Specialists of the YouTuber iAppleBytes portal conducteda similar performance test between iOS 10.1.1 and 10.2 on devices starting from iPhone 5 up to and including iPhone 6s. IOS 10.2 on iPhone 5 boots up a little faster than iOS 10.1.1. In applications and in general, iOS 10.2 runs on the iPhone 5 a little faster, but the difference is barely noticeable.



A similar situation is observed in a series of tests.on the performance carried out on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, although for some reason the latest version of iOS really loads a little longer on the iPhone 5s. In applications and tests, in most scenarios, iOS 10.2 is ahead of iOS 10.1.1.

Given that the OS is iOS 10.2 is the last major firmware update until at least March of next year, it looks like Apple has done a great job of optimizing overall system performance.

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