Tested and proven: night mode in iOS 13 really saves iPhone charge

Apple is actively updating its smartphones to the latest version of the iOS 13 operating system. One of the main

OS innovations - a dark theme that not only protects your eyesight, but also saves battery power. Is this true? - the guys from PhoneBuff found out.

As checked

We took two iPhone XS Max iOS 13 for testingwith displays set to 200 nits brightness. One had the dark theme turned on, the other had it turned off. After that, the robots simultaneously performed the same actions with them: scrolling the feed on Twitter, watching videos on YouTube, navigating in Google Maps.

At the same time, the battery charge was recorded. As a result, when the “regular” smartphone turned off, completely discharged, its “partner” with night mode still had 30% charge left.

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However, there is a “but” here:Dark mode is only effective on devices with OLED screens. Apple has iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X. IPS matrices need energy to display any colors, so you won’t notice any battery savings.