Thales will make for Ukraine two Ground Master 200 radars with a range of up to 250 km, they will be used together with SAMP / T air defense systems

The French company Thales received a contract for the production of modern radars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

What is known

We are talking about two Ground Master 200 radars.The contract for the production of the radar station was signed by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov on February 1 during his business trip to France. The new radar is planned to be used together with the SAMP / T anti-aircraft missile system. In addition to radars, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will also receive a control center, a radio communication system and air target designation.

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Unfortunately, the cost of the contract and termsThere is no radar production yet. It is only known that the money will be taken from the fund for assistance to Ukraine, which was created by the French government in the first months of a full-scale invasion.

For those who are not in the know

Ground Master 200 (aka GM 200) is a modernmedium range radar. It is produced by the French company Thales Group. It is capable of detecting air, ground and sea targets at a distance of up to 250 km. For example, cruise missiles, airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, artillery, etc. The Ground Master 200 is based on a Renault truck.

Source: Thales