Thanks to Steam Link, Android users can run PC games even in the forest

Back in 2018, Valve made it possible for PC gamers to move away from the computer and play their favorite games while lying

on the couch. With the help of Steam Link, gamers could run games on a PC and broadcast the image on an Android smartphone via Wi-Fi, but only within the same network. Now this restriction is removed.

What is known

The application has been updated and received Steam support.Link Anywhere, but only as a beta. Now gamers can launch and broadcast games from the Steam library to Android devices in the forest, if they provide a stable Internet connection for PC and smartphone. In the comments with the announcement of the update, one of the players boasted that Steam Link Anywhere even works with 4G.

How to use Steam Link Anywhere:

  1. Update your Steam Client to beta version of March 13 or newer.
  2. Go to the tab add a computer to Steam Link and select "Another computer"
  3. Follow the pairing instructions on the screen.

The beta version of the Steam Link app is available inGoogle Play, so that owners of Android-smartphones can already try out a new feature. In the last update, developers from Valve added virtual management, so now you don’t even have to look for a wireless gamepad. The iOS version is still locked.