That's all: AliExpress returned the high dollar and inflated prices

Last week we wrote that the dollar exchange rate on AliExpress fell to 55 rubles, which made purchases on the marketplace

very beneficial. However, the attraction of generosity has already ended - the rate has again soared to 62 rubles. Discuss

This can be verified by looking at the cost of a commodity item with a face value of one dollar. Now she is like this:

Even yesterday, July 1, the course was more pleasant.Its dynamics can be tracked at this link. You can also notice that now AliExpress sets the dollar to ruble rate much higher than at the official rate of the Central Bank. The reasons for this, however, can only be guessed at.

Earlier, we wrote that AliExpress closed a loophole that allowed you to buy goods in the application directly with dollars from a Qiwi wallet.

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