That's why the freebie with POCO F4 and X4 GT broke on AliExpress

Last week, we wrote that new POCO hits will be available in the AliExpress sale, which has started

this morning.Unfortunately, our users faced a problem - the seller set a shipping fee that turned out to be higher than the price of the smartphone itself. Our MT discount line is not happy to be part of such a shoal (subscribers were counting on a successful purchase), and we contacted the seller to find out what happened after all. The answer is this: the head office of POCO gave the command to temporarily raise the price tag to support the official sales of POCO F4 and POCO X4 GT in Russia. Later, the pricing policy will be normalized, but there are no specific dates yet.

Note that POCO F4 (our review) launched inofficial Russian retail also today, June 27, and immediately with a discount of 3,000 rubles (30,990 and 34,990 rubles, including discounts depending on the amount of memory). But the POCO X4 GT is not yet available and there are no specific dates for the start of sales in Russia, so AliExpress was the only option for a successful purchase here and now. You can buy POCO F4 on the official website of this link.

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