The 16-inch MacBook Pro will be the first to receive a new keyboard and become the most expensive Apple laptop.

Analysts have already said that Apple is preparing a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Now new details are emerging

about this laptop.

New keyboard

Apple is expected to finally give upfrom keyboards with a butterfly mechanism in new models. This keyboard debuted with the MacBook Pro in 2015 and has already received a lot of complaints from users. The fact is that crumbs, dust and other debris get under the keys and they begin to “stick”. For a long time, Apple refused to repair such keyboards for free, but after several lawsuits, it gave in and recognized this case as covered under warranty.

New laptops will use a scissor-type keyboard, so the problem of sticky keys should be resolved.

At first it was expected that the MacBook Air would be the first to receive the new keyboard. But now it's being attributed to the updated MacBook Pro.

High price tag

The 16-inch MacBook Pro could take the podiumApple's most powerful laptop. And not only. The media also found out its cost - about $3,000 for the basic version. For comparison, the 15-inch MacBook Pro now costs $2,399, and the 16.1-inch Honor MagicBook Pro, which was introduced the other day, starts at $800.

Therefore, the new “Apple” model claims to be the most expensive Apple laptop.

What else

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is also credited with an IPS display with a resolution of 3072×1920 pixels and the same dimensions as the MacBook Pro 15 (due to reduced bezels).

The laptop should be released in the fall: deliveries are scheduled for the end of October.