The Americans were offered to decide the fate of Huawei

Last year, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) banned US carriers from buying

Huawei and ZTE equipment for consumer money. Both companies called the US government threats to national security. In December, Huawei demanded the annulment of an illegal, according to the company, FCC decision. Now the commission has announced that before February 3 the Americans will receive comments and objections regarding the ban.

The problem is that the FCC decision concernsoperators in rural areas, in which there are communication problems anyway. Some of the local companies already use the equipment of Huawei and ZTE, and in the meantime, the commission is considering the possibility of getting them to get rid of the equipment. All this can cost operators $ 1.89 billion.

US residents received a deadline of February 3, duringwho can express their opinion on the definition of Huawei and ZTE as a threat to national security. The Commission said it would consider all comments before announcing a final decision on the issue.