The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the first modernized tank T-62M mod. 2022 that can withstand Javelin missiles

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to destroy the new Russian tank T-62M mod. 2022. Reported by

Dutch OSINT project Oryx.

What is known

Where exactly was the upgraded tank destroyed,has not yet been specified. There is no information about what weapons the Ukrainian Defense Forces used. At the same time, the Russian media claim that the T-62M mod. 2022 can withstand Javelin missiles.

T-62 tanks are being upgraded on the 103rdarmored repair plant, which is located in the urban-type settlement of Atamanovka in the Trans-Baikal Territory. Combat vehicles received modern thermal imagers, laser rangefinders, additional modules for multi-layer armor of the hull, dynamic protection "Contact" and anti-cumulative screens.

T-62M arr.2022 received an updated fire control system, which should increase the efficiency of using the 115 mm 2A20 (U-5TS) Molot gun. Once upgraded, it can fire guided long-range missiles.