The Armed Forces of Ukraine for the first time captured the Iranian drone Mohajer-6, which can reach speeds of 200 km/h

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed at least four Iranian Shahed drones in a day and captured a more interesting

unmanned aerial vehicle Mohajer-6.

What is known

The Ukrainian Defense Forces were able to capture the drone inthe Black Sea. A short video shows how the military took the unmanned aerial vehicle in tow and is being driven ashore. The state of the UAV is still unknown.

Mohajer-6 is a strike drone built according totwo-beam scheme. The motor is mounted at the rear of the drone. The maximum speed is 200 km/h and the range is 200 km. The drone is capable of climbing to a height of 5 km and staying in flight for 12 hours.

The unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped withthird-generation Almas missiles with a launch range of 8 km, which are considered an analogue of the Israeli Spike. The maximum takeoff weight of the Mohajer-6 is 670 km, and the payload weight is 100 kg.