The artist Undertale has created her own game about the world of dreams.

Artist Temmie Chang, who contributed to the creation of Undertale, has released her short game Escaped Chasm about the strange

dreams and loneliness.

What is interesting game

Escaped Chasm – first own gameartist created in RPG Maker. In it, the player will be immersed in the world of a girl’s dreams, surrealism and strange things. The story can be completed in just 20 minutes and the ending will change depending on your actions. There are 4 options for ending the game.

Temmie herself says that in Escaped Chasmthere are unexpected loud noises, rapid flashing, and a few dark moments. She even called one of the endings “a little creepy.” The developer has inserted beautiful hand-drawn videos that will add atmosphere. Undertale developer Toby Fox also took part in the creation of the game: he wrote the soundtrack.

The game is a free download on Anyone who liked it and who wants to support the creator can donate any amount to her on the same website.