The authorities want to oblige smartphone manufacturers to pre-install Russian applications. Apple hints at leaving the market

If the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications imposes restrictions, Yandex apps and a social network may appear on smartphones

VKontakte, Kaspersky Lab's antivirus, and, for example, bank apps.

Currently, applications from Russian manufacturers in the vast majority of cases are not pre-installed on smartphones. Google and Apple preferpartners' own services and applications, and Russian companies have to pay for the pre-installation of their products.

Representatives from Microsoft, Intel and Apple have alreadyannounced that if the amendments were adopted, they would be forced to change their business models in Russia. In addition to Russian companies, the changes will be beneficial to the Chinese Huawei, the newspaper notes.

Previously Rostelecom and Russian businessmanGrigory Berezkin, who owns the developer of the Aurora operating system based on the Finnish Sailfish, offered Huawei Chief Executive Officer Guo Ping the opportunity to switch the company's smartphones to another OS.