The battle has begun: Huawei already has 45 thousand of its own applications, but Google has 3 million

Huawei continues to fight for survival, adapting to the lack of support from Google. Company

made friends with the many that make separate applications for her Huawei Mobile Services store and achieved early successes.

What is known

HMS will include basic applications that will becomereplacing utilities from Google, such as instant messengers, email clients, maps, and so on. Android, although it is an open source system, but the applications of the "search engine" are closed, because Huawei has to work on alternatives. So far, HMS can only boast of Huawei account management, in-app messages, notifications, identity verification, scanning, and so on.

Since December 23, Huawei launched an openbeta testing of Huawei Mobile Services and HMS Core Test. According to gizchina, 45 thousand applications are already available to users. The number is large, but only until you find out that 3 million programs have been downloaded to the Google Play Store. Yes, some of them are low-grade clones or analogues of well-known utilities, but users have plenty to choose from.

Yet for Huawei, this is only the beginning and the companyworking on expanding the library. According to the media, the Chinese have already secured the support of 1 million developers. In addition, the company plans to create a fund of $ 1 billion, the money of which will go to developers expanding the HMS ecosystem.

At the same time, Huawei is still planningrelease smartphones with pre-installed Google services. So, the manufacturer is preparing the Huawei P30 Lite (2020), which appears under the names Huawei P30 Lite 256GB Edition and Huawei P30 Lite XL. According to insiders, the manufacturer is not preparing a new model, but an updated version, so that in Europe the smartphone will be able to come out with Google services.

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