The best application planners for students on the iPhone

Being a student is not easy at any age. You need to keep in mind a lot of things and not to forget about anything. Good,

that invented planners for this. In them you can keep your schedule, record assignments, mark the dates of exams, make lists of cases and much more.

Below we have collected for you the best application-planners for the iPhone.

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Criteria and Functions

In selecting the best applications, we relied on the specific functions that are necessary in them.

  • Reminders and notifications: Reminders will help you not to forget about the start of pairs or important tasks.
  • Simple interface: You already have so much to worry about, so the planner application should be as simple and clear as possible.
  • Many features available: The planner should be able to keep track of your schedule, tasks and tasks. This requires different functions.

Pocket Schedule Planner

Pocket Schedule Planner makes it easycreate your schedule for the days of the week and time, add tasks and exam dates, and view your calendar using one tapa. The application has an intuitive interface and is very easy to use.

The best functions Pocket Schedule Planner:

  • Configure Notifications allows you to receive various notices about classes and exams, about tasks and other matters.
  • The application has a section for the name of the teacher, the location of the academic building, the time of his work, e-mail address, phone and site.
  • Add tasks and projects and keep track of what needs to be done today, next week, etc., and what tasks have already been completed.
  • Choose classes: practice, lecture, seminar and study group.

Pocket Schedule Planner contains all the necessary tools for planning your study. You can view the schedule, tasks, personal affairs, etc. with one tapa.

  • Support: iPhone and iPad.
  • Price: Is free + “pro” version with additional themes, widget and no ads.

myHomework Student Planner

Another convenient application is myHomework Student Planner. It is similar to the previous one, you can add your classes and tasks, view the calendar and receive notifications.

The best functions myHomework Student Planner:

  • Connect to, if your teachers use the service, and get assignments automatically.
  • Convenient settings allow you to schedule classes in different ways.
  • Options calendar allow you to add events, weekends, etc.
  • Set tasks to repeat every day, every week or every month.

The application myHomework Student Planner is well suited in order not to forget about their classes and in time to complete tasks.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
  • Price: Is free + “premium” version with additional themes, widget, the ability to attach files without advertising.

My Study Life - School Planner

My Study Life - School Planner is another great app. Add classes, holiday weekends, assignments, exams and follow all of this in your calendar.

The best functions My Study Life - School Planner:

  • Indicator of progress fulfillment assignments allows you to track your progress on the implementation of tasks.
  • On the main screen You can quickly view the affairs for the current day, find out the number of couples, tasks, etc.
  • View the calendar by week or month, marking classes in different colors.
  • Customize notifications about classes, exams and assignments.

My Study Life - School Planner is an absolutely free iPhone application without built-in purchases. In it, and so there is everything you need.

  • Support: iPhone.
  • Price: Is free.

Good organization is one of the key moments of the student body. We hope that the above applications will help you with this.