The best football player in the world, Ronaldinho, goes into e-sports, founding his own club R10

Following Snoop Dogg, Ronaldo di Asis Moreira, known as Ronaldinho, decided to join eSports.

2004 received the title of Best Footballer according to FIFA.

What is known

According to The Loadout, Brazilian footballerwants to inspire a new generation of gamers who love competition. Ronaldinho began collecting players from the Brazilian eSports scene for his own R10 club. The player of the gaming periphery SCUF supports the initiative of a football player, because Ronaldinho recently became the brand’s ambassador.

So far, neither SCUF nor the footballer himself have saidWhich discipline will R10 be a part of? Considering Ronaldinho’s occupation, it can be assumed that the club’s esports players will compete in the FIFA and PES categories.