"Best Indie Game" Cuphead will be released on Nintendo Switch in April 2019

Cuphead, one of the best platformers of 2017, is coming to Nintendo Switch in April.

What is known

Studio MDHR

announced that it is porting Cuphead to consoles"big N". Gamers will receive the original Cuphead along with a free expansion that adds the single-player character Mugman to the game. The developers also promise to rid the Switch version of the bugs that plagued players on PC and Xbox One.

MDHR are also planning to release a DLC calledThe Delicious Last Course, which will add a new island, weapons, enchantments and bosses. The add-on was announced for Xbox One and PC, but the version for Switch has not yet been mentioned.

Cuphead will be released on Nintendo Switch on April 18 with a price tag of $20.

If you have forgotten

Cuphead is an old-school platformerfrom developers from indie studio MDHR. The game features not only high difficulty, but also hand-drawn graphics reminiscent of the animation style of the 30s. Critics and gamers warmly received the game, and in 2017 Cuphead received the title of “Best Indie Game”, as well as the award for “Best Art Direction” from The Game Awards.