The best microphone for streaming

Whether you're a professional streamer or just starting out, it's important to find the best microphone for streaming.

There are many differentoptions, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In this review, we'll take a look at some of the best streaming microphones and help you decide which one is right for you and your needs. Read on to find out more!

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10 best microphones for streaming

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Detailed overview

Let's take a closer look at each microphone so you can find the one that's right for you.

Author's Choice

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Shure MV7 is a professional microphone forpodcasts with XLR output for digital or analog recording. It features an intuitive touch panel for easy control of gain, volume control, headphone mixing and mic mute. All-metal construction provides unrivaled durability, while a built-in headphone output lets you monitor your recordings in real time. The MV7 also provides access to audio processing, Auto-Level mode automatically adjusts gain and compression settings, switchable EQ filters for audio tone color adjustment, and options for saving custom presets. It is available in black and grey. The kit includes a tripod for attaching a microphone.


  • USB connector
  • XLR output allows for digital or analog recording
  • Great for podcasting, recording, live streaming
  • Intuitive touch panel
  • Built-in headphone output
  • Sound sensitivity 132 dB


  • Uses micro-USB, not Type-C

People's Choice

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Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti isA professional USB microphone that delivers clear, powerful broadcast-quality audio for YouTube videos, Twitch game streaming, podcasts, Zoom meetings, music recording, and more. It features four pickup patterns: flexible cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo directional patterns allow you to record vocals, instruments, and podcasts in ways that would normally require multiple microphones. The microphone also has controls for headphone volume, model selection, instant mute, and microphone gain for complete control over the recording and audio streaming process. The microphone's positionable design allows it to be placed on a tabletop in seconds or connected directly to a microphone stand or tripod for a more professional look. Works with Mac or PC. Simple and high quality - this is about the Logitech Blue Yeti. Available in many colors - blue, pink, white, black.


  • Clear vocal broadcast sound
  • Four capture schemes
  • Built-in audio controls
  • Positioning Design
  • Plug and Play
  • Custom array of three capsules
  • Sound sensitivity 120 dB


  • Low microphone stand
  • delicate port

Premium Choice

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The Shure SM7B is a dynamic microphone ideal forsuitable for studio and home recording, podcasting and streaming. The microphone has a smooth, flat frequency response that provides clear and natural reproduction of both music and speech. The SM7B is also equipped with an air suspension shock and pop filter to eliminate mechanical noise and breathing. Advanced electromagnetic shielding protects against interference from computer monitors and other studio equipment. The cardioid pattern is designed to suppress off-axis sound, allowing the desired sound to be reproduced with minimal coloration. The XLR connection along with the audio interface gives you more control over the sound, which improves the overall sound quality.


  • XLR studio microphone for music and speech
  • Wide frequency range, warm and smooth sound
  • Rugged construction
  • Sound protection
  • Removable windshield
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 60 dB


  • A little heavy

Best Budget

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The TONOR microphone is a USB microphone witha cardioid pickup pattern that delivers clear, even and crisp sound in front of the microphone while suppressing unwanted background noise. The shock mount can be unscrewed and attached to a 5/8" threaded stand for use in conferences, distance learning, streaming, chatting, podcasting, video recording, Zoom, Skype and YouTube. TONOR without assembly, you just need to unfold the three-legged stand and adjust its position. Turn it on and get to work.

Note: If the threaded insert your rack is equipped with is a 3/8" thread, a 3/8" female to 5/8" male adapter is required.


  • Great sound quality
  • Pretty compact
  • True plug and play kit
  • No software required


  • Microphone feels budget
  • USB not detachable

Best mini

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The Razer Seiren Mini is a microphoneprofessional-grade audio that offers stellar sound quality and a discreet, minimalist design. It features a 14mm condenser capsule for clear and crisp sound reproduction, and a flat frequency response that picks up all the highs and lows in your voice. The microphone also features a narrow pickup angle to focus on your voice while reducing background noise, and a sturdy tilt stand for stable and optimal positioning. It can also be detached and mounted on a boom or mic stand with standard 5/8" threads. In addition, the Seiren Mini is shock-resistant and features a built-in shock absorber to dampen vibrations, ensuring your stream is protected from sonic anomalies. Available in white, black, pink.


  • USB type-A
  • Focus on your voice, making sure there is no background noise
  • Minimalistic design, easy to take with you
  • Great sound
  • It can also be mounted on a tripod or microphone stand with a standard 5/8" thread.
  • Shock-resistant stand with built-in vibration-dampening mount


  • Minimum features

The best gaming microphone

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HyperX QuadCast - universal USB microphone,perfect for streaming, gaming and podcasting. The microphone has four selectable polar patterns, allowing you to optimize your setup for the best sound quality. The QuadCast also features a built-in anti-vibration mount, mute sensor, and status LED. The universal adapter fits both 3/8" and 5/8" threaded mounts and is compatible with most microphone stands or tripods. An internal filter helps block plosives (plosive consonants) from entering the microphone, and you can control the microphone via the headphone jack. HyperX QuadCast delivers great sound quality when connected to a PC, PS5, PS4 or Mac. Available in black (red and RGB backlit) and white (RGB backlit).


  • USB
  • Easy to install use
  • cool lighting
  • Touch mute sensor with status LED
  • Four selectable polar patterns
  • Easily adjust microphone sensitivity
  • Compatible with most microphone stands or tripods


  • Touch mute button

Best for entry-level content creators

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The Rode NT-USB-Mini is a USB microphone with a cardioidpolar pattern and built-in pop filter. It has a magnetic base and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Connect to audio without distracting delays or echoes thanks to the high-quality USB output. If you want to record professional-quality podcasts with ease, the NT-USB Mini is fully compatible with the free RØDE Connect podcasting software for Mac and PC, making it easy to record in high quality even if you have little or no audio experience. Record professional quality crystal clear audio directly to your computer or tablet with the Rode NT. If you're a gamer, podcaster, musician, streamer, or any other content creator, this microphone is perfect for you.


  • USB
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Connect Mac and PC
  • Simple compact design


  • Low microphone stand
  • Captures background noise

Best for Streaming

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Wave 3 is a USB-C condenser microphone withA/D conversion up to 24-bit/96kHz, Clipguard technology to prevent distortion, and cardioid polar pattern for accurate voice capture. The Wave Link app lets you control microphone settings and levels, and the sleek metal body looks great on any desk. Available in black and white colors. The microphone is very easy to use and great for streaming content.


  • USB-C
  • Pure sound
  • digital mixer
  • Easy installation
  • Sound sensitivity 15 dB


  • Single polar diagram

Best High Definition Recording

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HyperX SoloCast is a professionalUSB microphone ideal for podcasting, game streaming and other online content creation. It features plug and play compatibility with USB-C connectivity, 24bit/96kHz high-resolution recording, and a one-touch mute sensor with status LED. The flexible, adjustable stand swivels to support a variety of setups, and the built-in mount adapter accepts 3/8" and 5/8" threads, making it compatible with most microphone stands or tripods. HyperX SoloCast is compatible with PS4, PC, PS5 and Mac. Available in black and white colors.


  • Plug N Play audio recording with USB-C connection
  • Touch mute sensor
  • Threading the stem and mic stand
  • Flexible, adjustable stand
  • Recording in high definition 24bit/96kHz


  • Low microphone stand

Best for Podcasts & Live Streams

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Rode PodMic is a high qualityAll-metal microphone with cardioid dynamic transmission and built-in pop shield. This makes using the microphone extremely forgiving, while the internal shock mount reduces keyboard rumble and noise. The dynamic capsule focuses on the sound of your voice, making it ideal for podcasts and live streams. The PodMic will provide great results with any mixer or XLR interface, but it really shines when paired with the RØDECaster Pro.


  • XLR connector
  • rich sound
  • Quality all-metal construction
  • Loops on the mount allow flexible positioning


  • No built-in audio filters

Best Microphone for Streaming - Buyer's Guide

What to look for before buying a streaming microphone?

polar pattern

Microphones with a polar pattern are designed to pick up sound from a particular direction or angle.

  • Cardioid microphones are designed to pick up sound directly in front of the microphone.
  • Omnidirectional microphones pick up sound from all directions. But besides your voice, they can also pick up unwanted background noise.
  • Bidirectional microphones are designed to receive sound from both the front and rear of the microphone.

Each type of polar pattern microphone has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose the one that suits your needs.

The cardioid will be very important if you are using this microphone for streaming or podcasting.
Bidirectional and omnidirectional modes are fine if you still want to use the microphone for individual interviews or group calls.

frequency response

The frequency response of a microphone tells you the range of frequencies your microphone can pick up. The standard frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz.


Here you can choose a USB or XLR microphone, and in principle you can achieve almost the same sound quality with any connection method. It all depends on your preferences.

USB microphones are becoming more and more popular.a number of reasons. First, they are very easy to set up - just plug the microphone into your computer's USB port and you're done. Plus, USB microphones are more affordable, making them a great option for beginner streamers.

XLR microphones - the choice of the majorityprofessional streamers as they deliver superior sound quality. But XLR microphones require more investment than other types of microphones because they require an XLR cable, an audio interface (or mixer), and a digital audio workstation (DAW). However, XLR microphones are more robust and resistant to rough handling, making them a win-win for many professionals.

Digital signal quality (bit depth/sample rate)

Digital audio signals are composed ofsequences of bits that represent the amplitude or loudness of a sound at any given time. Bit depth refers to the number of bits used to represent each sample and has a direct impact on the dynamic range of the signal. Dynamic range is the difference between the loudest and quietest sound that can be represented by a signal, and is limited by bit depth. Typical bit depth is 16 bits, which gives a dynamic range of approximately 96 dB.
Sample rate is also importantfactor that determines the quality of a digital signal. It refers to the number of samples per second and is usually measured in kilohertz (kHz). A higher sampling rate results in higher signal quality as more information is captured per second. For example, a 44.1 kHz sample rate is typically used for CDs, while a 96 kHz sample rate is used for high quality audio applications.

Build quality

Build quality is an important factor inchoosing a microphone. Overall, high quality materials and careful workmanship ensure the best possible sound quality. If you plan on using the microphone on the road, look for one that can withstand rough handling.

Best Microphone for Streaming - FAQs

What is the best microphone for podcasts?

Here we return to what we wrote above and pay attention to the microphone radiation pattern and their varieties.
Cardioid: Sound is recorded in front of the microphone.Ideal for voiceovers, vocals and streaming. You can also use bi-directional: Captures sound in front of and behind the microphone. Ideal for one-on-one interviews.

What is the best microphone for streaming?

Cardioid and bi-directional, which picks up sound directly in front of the microphone and doesn't pick up much sound from the environment.

Do I need a boom mount, shock mount, or pop filter?

Some mics don't have a big foot, but the distance from the mic to you matters. Then the parentheses come into play.

The barbell certainly helps to get rid ofclutter on your desk when you already have little space and nowhere to put the microphone. They are almost always attached to the edge of the table and are very handy for keeping the microphone close at hand, as well as for moving it when you no longer need it.

A pop filter can help reduce the sound interference from a person's breathing.
A typical pop filter consists of one orseveral layers of acoustically transparent materials such as nylon stretched over a circular frame. Metal pop filters use a fine metal mesh instead of nylon. You can also create an impromptu pop filter, for example, from tights stretched over a sieve or a hoop.
The most important thing is that the pop filter does not touch the microphone, as the vibrations from it will be directly transmitted to the microphone. Thus, using a pop filter can extend the life of the microphone.

Shock-absorbing mounts prevent transmissionvibrations through the microphone stand or boom and into the microphone, which may be a form of rustling, thumping or other unwanted noise. This is an indispensable thing for music studios.


We've looked at many different options.streaming microphones. Each of them has different features. All you have to do is choose the right microphone for you and your needs. Whether you'll be streaming games or recording podcasts, we've got some great options to choose from. Choose and enjoy. Thanks for reading.

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