The best protective glass for iPhone Xs Max

For your brand new expensive iPhone Xs Max, you definitely want to buy a case. It is worth thinking about buying

protective glass. A lot of protective glasses for the iPhone Xs Max are already available on the market, and we have collected the best of them for you.

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InvisibleShield Glass + Visionguard

The industry leader - Glass +Visionguard. Its protective glasses will protect your eyes from blue light, but at the same time they will preserve the iPhone Xs Max screen colors. Due to 100% transparency, you won’t even know that there is a protective glass on the screen.

Glass + VisionGuard is chemically reinforcedmolecular level to maintain the feel of glass on the screen. It is made using Ion Matrix technology to protect against drops, bumps and scratches.


Protective glass for iPhone Xs Max, 3 pcs.

In this kit, you get three 0.24mm ultra-thin protective glass for the new iPhone Xs Max. They are very durable and scratch resistant. In addition, even if the glass breaks, it will not fall apart.

There are no fingerprints on the glass and it does not interfere with Face ID. Moreover, these glasses are well compatible with various covers.


Belkin anti-glare

Belkin products provide maximum protection. This safety glass comes with an EasyAlign sticker for a neat installation. You can even go to the Apple store and they will help you install the glass.


Ainope, 2 pcs.

The warranty on these glasses lasts a lifetime. They can protect your smartphone from a load of 10 kg. They do not leave fingerprints, and they do not interfere with Face ID. The glass is slightly smaller than the display so that no air bubbles appear under it.


Aslanda, 3 pcs.

These glasses are only 0 thick.25mm, and their transparency is 99.9%. The material does not break and fully retains the functionality of the touchscreen. After installation, you will get a crystal clear screen without air bubbles.


Caseology 2 PCS.

Caseology safety glass has transparencyin 99.9%, and in thickness it is 0.33mm. The glass is covered with an oleophobic layer, protected from water, marks and stains. It is scratch resistant and easy to install.