The best robotic vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners make life a lot easier and save time. Today, even inexpensive models can reach

scheduled cleaning while no one is home,so that the owner returns after work to a clean house. At the same time, manufacturers are mastering new technologies and producing increasingly autonomous devices that are perfectly oriented in space and independently dispose of collected garbage. But what to choose from dozens of similar devices and what should you expect from them? Today we will try to answer both of these questions, and also talk about two unusual cleaning robots.

Rating of robotic vacuum cleaners:

  • Robot vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning
    • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    • Roborock Xiaowa Lite C10
    • iRobot Roomba i7 +
    • Ecovacs Deebot N79S
  • Wet vacuum robots
    • Roborock sweep one
    • Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 900 (902)
    • ILIFE V7s Plus
  • Washing robots
    • iRobot Braava Jet 240
    • Ecovacs Winbot 950

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

"Smart" robot vacuum cleaner for adequate money

Xiaomi's debut robot vacuum cleaner is available nowmore than two years, but he does not seem at all backward against the backdrop of new models. On the contrary, Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is more powerful than its closest competitors and works out a better traffic plan thanks to its mapping system. The bonus is a convenient application with the ability to remotely control outside the home.

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the best choice

Xiaowa Lite C10

Powerful and inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner

Budget Roborock model easily leapshigh thresholds and carefully collects trash on any surface. From the side of the movement, the vacuum cleaner looks messy, but this is not entirely true - the developers made sure that he did not forget to clean it under the walls and in the corners. Xiaowa Lite C10 will feel more confident in a small apartment where it does not have to stop cleaning due to a discharged battery.

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affordable alternative

iRobot Roomba i7+

Maximum convenience, minimum worries

One of the reasons for the increased interest in Roomba i7 +- This is his docking station, which iRobot engineers turned into a separate gadget. Returning to charge, the vacuum cleaner dumps garbage into a large bag inside the base so that you no longer need to monitor the fullness of the container (just remember to take it out sometimes and check the condition of the filters). The robot remembers up to 10 floor maps and allows you to configure the cleaning schedule for individual rooms. What is missing is the function of virtual walls in the application, but they promise to add it in the near future.

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"all by myself"

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Easy to operate, quiet operation

Ecovacs has one of the quietestrobotic vacuum cleaners. And although the Deebot N79S does not have most of the “smart” functions of its more expensive brothers, the company has left the ability to control the device from a smartphone at any distance. If the house does not have high thresholds and fluffy carpets in which feet are buried, N79S or its modification Deebot DN79S Choco will be a good choice.

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it just works

Roborock Sweep One

Robot vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning

A “washing” robot vacuum cleaner cannot replacefull cleaning with a mop, but quite suitable for keeping the house clean. In addition to the wet cleaning function, Roborock Sweep One offers good suction power, excellent autonomy and one of the best navigation systems. And in the application, you can install virtual walls so that the robot does not encroach on the cat’s bowls and does not climb onto the carpets with a damp rag.

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"two in one"

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 900 (902)

Not by force, so by flexibility

Deebot OZMO 900's more modest powerCompared with competitors offset by other features. When drawing up a room plan, the robot vacuum cleaner remembers individual rooms for subsequent zonal cleaning. During floor cleaning, the water flow on different surfaces will also be different, and in the application you can adjust the pressure of the water supply. And if developers manage to add support for maps of two floors (there are such plans), this will be another argument in favor of the Ecovacs model.

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you can take it

ILIFE V7s Plus

Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Redmi Note 8

One of the most popular models in the ILIFE linenot distinguished by a special mind, but performs its main function well. Yes, sometimes it resembles a blind kitten, and the thrust of ILIFE V7s Plus is not that strong. But it works properly, and costs like not the most expensive smartphone. The robot does not know how to bend around carpets during wet cleaning, therefore this mode is suitable only for rooms with hard surfaces.

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iRobot Braava Jet 240

Floors are washed, cleaned, polished

Braava Jet 240 does not clean at allRoomba vacuum cleaners of the same manufacturer - he does not need brushes and a powerful motor. The robot wipes the floor with a napkin, spraying water in front of it and walking several times in the same place, and the vibration of the cleaning module helps get rid of dried spots. The floor polisher works almost silently and, due to its compact size, gets to the most secluded places. Due to the simple navigation system and the limited cleaning area (up to 20-25 m² per cycle), the device will have to be manually transferred from room to room.

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small but smart

Ecovacs Winbot 950

Capable Window Washer Robot

Washing windows is not only a tedious task, but alsodangerous. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to the Ecovacs Winbot 950, which “sticks” to the glass and moves freely along it, removing dirt with a cloth and a rubber scraper. The robot is powered from the network, but there is no need to worry about power outages. The manufacturer took care of protection against falls and added a backup battery that is enough for 15 minutes of battery life. In general, the thing is interesting, the only disappointment is the high price.

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vertical racing

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Dry cleaning robots

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Best Choice: Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

</ img>

In its price range, the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleanerhas the most advanced navigation system with a laser rangefinder. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner builds a map of the room and, adapting to the arrangement of furniture, automatically calculates the optimal cleaning route. The assistant is equipped with a powerful Nidec engine with a suction force of 1800 Pa. The main brush with adjustable height copes well with both ordinary rubbish and pet hair (which is practically not wound). A side brush sweeps litter out of the area along the walls, and large wheels help to overcome interior thresholds up to 1.5 centimeters high.

The remote control is not included in the delivery package - forThe robot is controlled using the Mi Home mobile application. In it you can configure the operating schedule and power mode, view the constructed map and select the cleaning area. The exclusion zone feature is not supported on the first generation model. You can restrict travel using magnetic tape, but you will have to buy it separately. The 5200 mAh battery provides up to two and a half hours of operation. If one charge is not enough to clean up the whole house, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner itself will return to base, gain strength and continue from where it left off.

The dust container is relatively small - 400ml, with daily cleaning it is enough to clean it once every few days. The container and replaceable filters must not be washed. The unit does not fall from the stairs, however, due to the characteristics of the height difference sensors, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner does not perceive black carpets (a common “sore” of robotic vacuum cleaners).

“Smart” vacuum cleaners from the Xiaomi ecosystem canmanage using voice commands in Google Assistant and Alexa by setting up a link to your Mi Home account and learn basic phrases (only in English so far). In addition, enthusiasts learned how to download alternative voiceovers for sound alerts that the robot issues during operation.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner costs up to $ 320 uus and from $ 260 when ordering from China. Not so long ago, the company released the updated Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S with more flexible area cleaning and increased power, but only the version for the Chinese market is currently available. And the prices for the new product bite.

3 reasons to buy:
2 reasons not to buy:

  • great functionality
  • long runs on a single charge
  • almost no wool is wound on the brush
  • does not remember several cards
  • area cleaning restrictions

Available Alternative: Roborock Xiaowa Lite C10

</ img>

Xiaowa is a budget brand of Roborock,which develops robotic vacuum cleaners for Xiaomi. The younger model C10 is in many ways similar to the top-end devices of the manufacturer, but received only a basic set of sensors. The robot does not build maps and moves along a random route, although the embedded motion algorithm has proven to be more effective compared to competitors. Xiaowa Lite manages to cover the entire perimeter of the room and practically does not leave uncleaned areas. The central roller brush and the side “turntable” collect all the garbage, and in the same Mi Home application, you can turn on the function of automatically increasing power when entering the carpet. The traction rate is 1600 Pa, a large container with a volume of 640 ml needs to be shaken out about once a week. This is one of the most traveled vacuum cleaners; he is not afraid of height drops of up to 2 centimeters.

For all its merits, Xiaowa C10 is not withoutdisadvantages. A 2600 mAh battery provides up to 60 minutes of operation (or about 45 minutes at maximum power), which is clearly not enough to clean large spaces. To quickly find a docking station for recharging, if it is in another room, the robot vacuum cleaner will also not be able to. So, there is a chance to find him standing in the middle of the room in the off state. Otherwise, this is a good housework assistant that costs $ 200 or so.

3 reasons to buy:
2 reasons not to buy:

  • high power
  • not afraid of thresholds
  • mobile app
  • poor autonomy
  • may “get lost”

The most independent: iRobot Roomba i7 +

</ img>

The flagship of the iRobot line requires a minimumuser intervention thanks to a new base with an automatic tank cleaning system. After each cleaning, Roomba i7 + drives onto the platform and unloads trash in a special bag. If the container is filled before the end of the cycle, the vacuum cleaner will also be interrupted by a “pit stop” and continue to work from the same place where it stopped. The module with two main brush-rollers is made movable, providing close contact with both parquet and carpets. The robot adjusts the suction power depending on the surface condition, recognizes the most contaminated areas and walks through them several times.

The manufacturer uses visual technologyvSLAM orientation using cameras. During the first passes, the vacuum cleaner examines the perimeter and arrangement of furniture. At the end of the training, a floor plan is created, divided into rooms, which can be selected separately for different cleaning scenarios. The schedule is configured in the proprietary iRobot Home application, where up to 10 cards can be stored - a useful thing if the Roomba i7+ will be cleaning several floors. The developers promise to soon add a restricted zones feature. The kit also includes a battery-powered virtual wall. It is better to run the vacuum cleaner during the day - it gets a little lost in the dark. But the i7+ has no problems with black carpets and thresholds up to 16 millimeters high.

Disposable bag in the base is designed for cleaning 30filled dust collectors. When removed, the hole on it is automatically closed by a shutter so as not to scatter garbage around the house. The vacuum cleaner comes with two bags, each lasting for several months. The iRobot solution with a docking station makes it much easier to care for the robot, although Roomba i7 + owners still have to periodically remove the container and clean / change filters. One charge lasts 75 minutes. Not so much, but it does not create any special difficulties - “smart” models can continue cleaning after recharging. Voice control through Google Assistant and Alexa is also supported.

For wet cleaning, the company has a separatea line of robots, and one of them - the new Braava Jet M6 - is able to work in tandem with the top Roomba vacuum cleaners. It remains only to wait for its appearance on our market. And for Roomba i7 + with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, they ask about $ 1200.

3 reasons to buy:
3 reasons not to buy:

  • garbage collection base
  • can clean individual rooms
  • works on dark carpets
  • (yet) no virtual wall function
  • doesn't work in total darkness
  • very high cost

Quiet Worker: Ecovacs Deebot N79S

</ img>

Deebot N79S, aka DN79S Choco, refers to morecheap robotic vacuum cleaners without a mapping system. However, he does not travel quite randomly. Ecovacs Robotics specialists tried to optimize the movement scheme, so that the N79S did not forget to remove trash under the walls and check the corners. The model works quite quietly, without interfering with watching TV and talking on the phone. For control, you can use the remote control out of the box and the proprietary Ecovacs Home application or voice commands in Google Assistant and Alexa. A 520 ml trash bin is attached to the back, and through transparent plastic it is clearly visible how full the tank is. To clean the carpets, the manufacturer added an increased power mode, when activated, the vacuum cleaner runs for about 70 minutes. In standard mode, it will last 120 minutes, for daily cleaning it is the best option.

A vacuum cleaner usually doesn’t avoid dark coatings, butfalse alarms of breakage sensors occur. Self-cleaning technology of the main brush is not applied here, and owners of fluffy pets will have to regularly clean the wool from it. Another point: the robot may refuse to call on high carpets with a long pile - it can not cope with obstacles above 14 millimeters. Nevertheless, its money Deebot DN79S is worth it. It's about $ 240.

3 reasons to buy:
3 reasons not to buy:

  • quieter than other vacuum cleaners
  • autonomy in standard mode
  • convenient application
  • wool and hair are wound on the brush
  • not the most passable
  • simple navigation system

Wet cleaning robots

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Best Choice: Roborock Sweep One

</ img>

Best-selling Roborock Sweep One - Bestrobot vacuum cleaner in terms of price and quality in its category. He got a navigation system with a lidar, an engine with a decent suction force of 2000 Pa and a large main brush, like the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner (part of the consumables of the models are compatible). For wet cleaning, a 140 ml tank is attached to the body, water from which enters the napkin only during movement. Do not use detergents at the same time - cracks appear on their plastic under their influence. The vacuum cleaner does not know how to go around carpets during mopping. The virtual limiters function superimposed on the floor plan in the Mi Home application is useful here. Zonal cleaning has also been announced, but the implementation is not the most successful: separate rooms are not remembered, and zones have to be set up before each launch. It is also impossible to store maps of several floors.

In dry mode, the assistant will automaticallyturn on the maximum power on the carpets, if you select the appropriate option in the settings. He does not interfere with height differences of up to 2 centimeters, and from the steps the vacuum cleaner does not fall thanks to three sensors on the bottom. The dust container is 480 ml, the removable filter can be washed. A battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh is enough for 150 minutes of continuous operation - one of the best indicators. Voice control features are also there.

Roborock Sweep One is available in severalcolors, on the international market two modifications are sold under different indices: white Roborock S50 and black S55. Prices go up to $ 490, and on Chinese sites the European model can be purchased for less than $ 370.

4 reasons to buy:
2 reasons not to buy:

  • very powerful for its class
  • builds a room map
  • overcomes most thresholds
  • you can change the "voice" of the robot
  • small water tank
  • Scheduled zone cleaning is not possible.

Alternative: Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 900 (902)

</ img>

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 900 performs in the sameclassroom like the Roborock S50. It is not so powerful, but it has a few chips left. Firstly, it is a more capacious tank for wet cleaning and an electronic pump with the ability to control the pressure of water supply through the application. The robot is equipped with two side brushes, and instead of the main one you can install a complete nozzle direct suction for hard floors. With it, wool and hair immediately fall into the garbage container without being wound. The less often you have to clean the vacuum cleaner. In the protruding part above is a laser rangefinder for scanning space. The constructed floor plan is divided into rooms for flexible configuration of the cleaning scheme. It’s bad that you can’t remember the choice for the next cycles. According to the schedule, the Deebot OZMO 900 travels all over the apartment at once, unless it is blocked by forbidden zones. Representatives of the company recently mentioned that the Ecovacs Home application should have a function for storing maps of two floors. Now there is no such possibility.

Deebot OZMO 900 can automatically raisesuction power on carpets, but the maximum 1000 Pa is not the highest indicator. The vacuum cleaner is more suitable for short-pile coatings and hard floors. The operating time reaches 90 minutes, the 450 ml waste bin needs to be cleaned every few times. The Nine Hundred is also friends with the voice assistants Google Assistant and Alexa.

Robot vacuum cleaner is a simplifiedversion of Deebot OZMO 930 - a slightly more powerful unit with better autonomy and carpet recognition when wiping floors (it goes around them). But, given the difference in price of about $ 200, the younger model looks like a more attractive purchase. It will cost $ 480. By the way, in some countries the Deebot OZMO 900 is sold as the Deebot OZMO 902.

3 reasons to buy:
2 reasons not to buy:

  • good navigation system
  • remembers rooms on the map
  • interchangeable nozzles
  • successful implementation of wet cleaning
  • relatively low power
  • does not pass through thresholds above 16 millimeters

Inexpensive Robot Vacuum Cleaner: ILIFE V7s Plus

</ img>

ILIFE V7s Plus works according to the simplest algorithmwith chaotic movement. So cleaning takes more time, but everything is in order with autonomy - 140 minutes is enough to go around the entire apartment at least once. The vacuum cleaner was equipped with a main brush and one side. It can be started by pressing a single button on the case. More controls fit on the remote control, which also allows you to configure the daily cleaning schedule. By default, automatic mode is used (when the robot is working until the battery is discharged), separate buttons enable spot cleaning of a small area and bypass the perimeter.

To freshen the floors, instead of a dust bag (300ml) a container with water is loaded, and a moistened microfiber cloth clings to the bottom. The proprietary i-Dropping technology automatically stops the flow of fluid when the vacuum cleaner stops, so that a puddle does not leak at the parking spot. In the process of wet cleaning, both brushes continue to work, collecting garbage. Without a room map, the robotic vacuum cleaner does not remember the location of the docking station for charging, and therefore can rush around in search for a long time. To speed up the process, just send it to the right place with the remote control. Before the base should be at least one and a half meters of free space, otherwise it will be perceived as a virtual wall.

In the manufacturer’s official store on AliExpress, the price of ILIFE V7s Plus sometimes drops to $ 170 (it’s not worth taking more, shares are held regularly). In our stores, the price level is about the same.

2 reasons to buy:
2 reasons not to buy:

  • quiet
  • not expensive
  • clearly visible in the dark
  • random route
  • low power

Washing robots

</ p>

Robot polisher: iRobot Braava Jet 240

</ img>

If the house already has a robot vacuum cleaner for drycleaning, mopping can be entrusted to specialized devices, such as Braava Jet 240. The iRobot model is compact in size and easily makes its way to where other home helpers can not squeeze. The starter kit includes six disposable wipes, two for each of the three modes. When dry cleaning, the robot moves with a snake, sweeping away dust and small particles of garbage - such an automatic broom. During wet cleaning, he drives back over and over again, spraying water in front of him. In the "wet" mode, the polisher passes through the same area three times, slightly deviating left and right (as if drawing a Christmas tree) and uses more fluid. The panel with a moistened nozzle vibrates for more effective cleaning of the surface from stains.

iRobot Braava Jet 240 is designed for relativelysmall rooms with an area of ​​up to 25 m² (for wet cleaning - up to 20 m²). He begins work from the lower left corner of the zone and gradually shifts to the right. To prevent the robot from escaping to other rooms through an open door, an invisible barrier can be created behind it before being launched. The virtual wall function is activated in the iRobot Home application or by long pressing the Clean button. The installed barrier is signaled by luminous blue stripes on the top panel.

Thanks to the square shape of the Braava Jet 240 is goodcleans in corners and under walls. For carrying between rooms, a handle is integrated in the robot housing. Under it there is a tank stopper, into which warm water is poured without detergents, and a latch for resetting used napkins. For regular cleaning it is more profitable to buy reusable nozzles. IRobot has only the option for wet cleaning, alternative ones are suitable for different modes (determined by the shape of the holes on the plastic base of the napkin).

Braava Jet 240 does not have its own base, removableThe battery is charged separately in the original charger. Battery life reaches 100 minutes. In our latitudes, the price of the device is from $ 230 to $ 250.

3 reasons to buy:
3 reasons not to buy:

  • compact and nimble
  • no noise
  • does not call on carpets
  • small cleaning area
  • wipes off not all spots
  • expensive disposable wipes (but there is something to replace them with)

Window washer: Ecovacs Winbot 950

</ img>

Ecovacs Winbot 950 is more exoticclass of wiper robots. It is firmly held on vertical and even steep surfaces due to the vacuum pump, which creates a zone of reduced pressure between the central part of the body and the glass. The four-sided bumper recognizes the boundaries of the area being cleaned and other obstacles. In turn, edge detection sensors allow you to work on planes without a frame (for example, on glass shower partitions). And here is how he washes a regular window:

Despite being mains powered, Winbot 950 is not afraidsudden power outages. In this case, the manufacturer has installed a backup battery that provides up to 15 minutes of battery life. For greater reliability, the device can be secured with a cable on a suction cup. Detergent (one package of branded spray is included) is applied to the cleaning pad, and a rubber squeegee on the inside helps remove dirt.

Winbot 950 moves through a window on a caterpillardrive. The robot itself chooses a route for itself, only on horizontal surfaces will have to switch to (not very convenient) manual control using the remote control. According to the owners, a little dirt may remain at the very edge of the glass, but competitors are no better.

Washing robots never became a mass product,One of the main reasons is the high price. Winbot 950 costs almost $ 400, and not everyone is ready to give such money for a device that will be used every few months. But for office owners with large windows, such a gadget can be a real godsend.

3 reasons to buy:
3 reasons not to buy:

  • Smart navigation system
  • backup battery
  • works relatively quiet
  • does not drive on its own on horizontal surfaces
  • dirt remains at the very edges of the glass
  • high price

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